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With version 4 of Winreport, for use in your application following libraries are obligatory
hbhpdf, libhpdf , png ,hbzlib ,hbzebra , BosTaurus 

Example: call ..\..\..\batch\compile.bat YourPrg /lg winreport /l hbhpdf /l libhpdf /l png /l hbzlib /l hbzebra /l BosTaurus %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9

Every command MUST be separated by a semicolon, every parameter is
separated by a space
Logically a wrong parameter makes the programme gone to error, therefore do not
add string with numbers. 
var miavar [Pippo] C ; @10, 1 say crf->Address+m->miavar
it will be carried out correctly
I have informed you....

It's now possible to link two strings together in the inside of the
commands say Ex. @ 10 1 say crf->Address+ [PIPPO]

If command string contains the symbol ->or the round brackets, his
contents will be macro expanded in the corresponding value or function.

10,1 say crf->Address or  (Ado += eline)
@ 10,15 say Pluto will give as result the function native hbprn: say (10,"Pluto")
     =>that will print Pluto on line 10 and column 15 
10 15 say "Pluto" will give as result the function native hbprn: say (10, ["Pluto"])
     =>that will print "Pluto" on, then if you want to print the apexes
     enclose them among squares brackets.

REMARK: If the first parameter is # or * or && or //  ALL the command  will be discarded,
if the first parameter contains a code block {
||  .T.}  it will be estimated and his result
will determine if all the command must be discarded (T.) 


Now all the operators are supported

Es. @ 10 10 SAY (M->TOTALE /2)                                  => It prints half on the total
Es. @Eline,10 SAY if(Totale >100,[You you have won!],[Try Again]) => It will print you have won
if the total is bigger than 100

For better compatibility between different print methods I suggest using instead
the following Fonts:


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