What is Winreport
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Winreport is a interpreter of the necessary orders for the execution of the report.
Mixing your programs with the Winreport, you will be able to customize at once
your relationships without recompiling your program.
Since it is based on xbased commands, from external file,

The file contains the definitions that we want to obtain, so that we are not
obliged you to recompile the program in order to add fields, images,
writing, Fonts, sums etc.

My goal is a unique "script" for Hbprinter, Minigui and PdfPrint, but for now is not
totally possible for Miniprint program conception,
I suggest to use preferably Hbprint or PdfPrint.
Since version 4 support all the barcodes of Hb_ZebraLib.

How to use:

in your prg simply add a function call as

WinRepint  (filename, argdb, nrec, mainarea, psd, prw,drv)  where:
 is the name of the script that will be processed
 type: string
 indicates the area r the array used by the report
 type: string or array
 It may be a number or a string containing a filter or nil.
 Determines the maximum number of records to be printed.
 type: nil, integer or string
 Indicates which area of work will depend on the body section of the      press.
 For each record will generate a page of content argdb *
 type: string or nil
 the printer name used in the report
 type: string or nil
 enables the preview
 type: logical or nil
indicates the driver to use, defaulr HBPRN
 type: string or nil

If you want to print an array is the array must be declared as public
or private, especially by using the function Memosay..
If you use Putarray, this precaution is not necessary.

* mainarea is used only if you want print with two database

In section \Minigui\Samples\Advanced\Report_interpreter a demo is provided with
all the possible uses of WinRepint.
Good luck with Report Interpreter.

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