TMySQLRow Class

CLASS TMySQLRow: Every single row of an answer

Instance variables

A single row of answer

Array of booleans set to .T. if corresponding field of aRow has been changed

If aDirty[n] is .T. aOldValue[n] keeps a copy of changed value if aRow[n] is part of a primary key

Original values ( same as TMySQLtable:aOldValue )

Type of each field

Name of table containing this row, empty if TMySQLQuery returned this row


:New( aRow, aFStruct, cTableName )
Create a new Row object

:FieldGet( cnField )
Same as clipper ones, but FieldGet() and FieldPut() accept a string as

:FieldPut( cnField, Value )
Field identifier, not only a number

:FieldName( nNum )

:FieldPos( cFieldName )

:FieldLen( nNum )
Length of field N

:FieldDec( nNum )
How many decimals in field N

:FieldType( nNum )
Clipper type of field N

Returns a WHERE x=y statement which uses primary key (if available)