CLASS TMySQLQuery: Every single query submitted to MySQL server

Instance variables

Connection handle to MySQL server

Result handle received from MySQL

Copy of query that generated this object

Number of rows available on answer NOTE MySQL is 0 based

I'm currently over row number



Use fields as object DATA. For compatibility Names of fields can match name of TMySQLQuery/Table DATAs, and it is dangerous. ::lFieldAsData:=.F. can fix it

Values of fields of current row

How many fields per row

Type of each field, a copy is here a copy inside each row

.T. if last operation failed


:New(nSocket, cQuery)
New query object



ReExecutes the query (cQuery) so that changes to table are visible

Return Row n of answer

Same as clipper ones









Returns .T. if something went wrong

Returns textual description of last error and clears ::lError




Length of field N

How many decimals in field N

Clipper type of field N