CLASS TMySQLTable: A query without joins; Insert() e Delete() rows are allowed.

NOTE: it's always a SELECT result, so it will contain a full table only if SELECT * FROM ... was issued

Instance variables

Name of table

Keeps a copy of old value


:New(nSocket, cQuery, cTableName)






:Update(oRow, lOldRecord, lRefresh)
Gets an oRow and updates changed fields


:Delete(oRow, lOldRecord, lRefresh)
Deletes passed row from table

:Append(oRow, lRefresh)
Inserts passed row into table

:GetBlankRow( lSetValues )
Returns an empty row with all available fields empty



:FieldPut(cnField, Value)
Field identifier, not only a number


Returns a WHERE x=y statement which uses primary key (if available)