CLASS TMySQLServer: Every available MySQL server

Instance variables

Connection handle to server (currently pointer to a MYSQL structure)

Server name

Selected DB

User accessing db

His/her password

.T. if occurred an error



:New(cServer, cUser, cPassword)
Opens connection to a server, returns a server object

Closes connection to server

Which data base I will use for subsequent queries

:CreateTable(cTable, aStruct,cPrimaryKey,cUniqueKey,cAuto)
Create new table using the same syntax of dbCreate()

Delete table

Returns a structure array compatible with clipper's dbStruct() ones

:CreateIndex(cName, cTable, aFNames, lUnique)
Create an index (unique) on field name(s) passed as an array of strings aFNames

:DeleteIndex(cName, cTable)
Delete index cName from cTable

Returns an array with list of data bases available

Returns an array with list of available tables in current database

Gets a textual query and returns a TMySQLQuery or TMySQLTable object

:NetErr() INLINE ::lError
Returns .T. if something went wrong

Returns textual description of last error

:CreateDatabase( cDataBase )
Create an New Mysql Database

Commits transaction

Rollbacks transaction

Server version as numeric